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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s day and wearing green, Academy Roofing would like to make you aware that we are a certified installer of one of the greenest roofing products available called SureCoat Systems.

SureCoat Certified Installer



SureCoat is the ultimate green roof product.

Single Component Elastomeric Coatings and Polymer Coatings SureCoat Systems® was founded from a desire to offer sustainable products and permanent roof and wall solutions to meet the needs and demands of the building industry and property owners. SureCoat Systems’ products are backed by over 30 years of chemical designing, engineering and manufacturing of polymeric hybrid, specialty coatings for the marine and construction industry. Utilizing our 30 + years of experience in the construction industry, SureCoat Systems has developed specifications for the most effective use of our restoration products. Solving problems is what we do best.

Revolutionizing the Roof Coating and Wall Coating Industry

SureCoat Systems’ roof and wall coatings are developed to be waterproof, UV stable, and have one of the highest heat emitting and reflective ratings according to the Cool Roof Rating Council. SureCoat Systems’ fortitude is the philosophy that our customers deserve an exceptional combination of integrity, performance and quality in customer service and all products. SureCoat Systems is the innovative leader in epoxy balanced, waterproof, cool roof and cool wall, single component, elastomeric membranes.
Real hands-on experience has provided SureCoat Systems with advantageous research and development experience, enabling us to revolutionize the roof coating and wall coating industry. By providing seamless, epoxy hybrid, waterproof coatings, vapor moisture barriers, and penetrating sealers, SureCoat Systems’ products solve issues that have plagued the building industry for decades.Whether you need to waterproof a flat roof, stop water intrusion through stucco walls, preserve a historical building, stop efflorescence or remove and prevent graffiti damage on walls, SureCoat’s products perform better, last longer and are stronger than anything else that has been available on the market, until now.

LEED Credits and Energy Savings

Behind every SureCoat Roof System and SureCoat Wall System are solutions to decades of frustrations experienced with other building materials. The industry’s demand for change has revolutionized the performance expectations of roof and wall coatings. As an ENERGY STAR partner, we are dedicated to providing you with the most Energy Efficient, Green, commercial waterproofing and Fluid Applied Roofing (FAR) systems. SureCoat Systems’ products have some of the highest heat emittance and sunlight reflectivity values rated by the CRRC, with a Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 108. After 3 years aged testing and exposure to the elements the SRI is still 102. With these exceedingly high CRRC values, The SureCoat Roof System can contribute to  LEED Credits for your roof, helping you to qualify for the LEED status you desire.SureCoat Systems’ products are engineered to meet all the environmental demands and requirements to perform as a sustainable system. SureCoat Systems provides enhanced hybrid epoxy, waterproof, monolithic, self-priming and self-adhered coating systems that fulfill the need for environmentally friendly, low VOC products with superior energy savings and product performance as well as a line of super compliant waterproofing sealers, penetrating densifiers, and biodegradable cleansers, including graffiti removers and repellents.

Warranty that Covers Ponding Water

SureCoat Roof Systems have a manufacturer’s written warranty that COVERS PONDING conditions on a flat roof. SureCoat Roof Systems will not leak due to ordinary ponding water. Flat and low slope roofs all pond water to some degree at some point. Ponding water is any water that sits longer than 48-72 hours. Until then, standing water is not by definition considered ponding. The SureCoat Roof Systems warranty for full reconditions is renewable for as long as the property is in use. There is not another manufacturer’s material warranty like it in the industry.SureCoat Wall Systems covers cracks up to 1/16” when installed according to specifications. Elastomeric wall coating must have 375 – 400% elongation and be at least 15-18 dry mils (DFT) in order to move properly without tearing. Other products exclude cracking because they are not engineered to move with thermal cycles without cracking, flaking or peeling. When water seeps into a stucco or concrete wall, it begins to deteriorate quickly and this is where the real costly damage begins. SureCoat Systems’ roof coatings and wall coatings are perfected with a 398% elongation and a DFT up to three times that of other coatings. In addition to the extraordinary UV stability of SureCoat Systems’ coating products, SureCoat and Sure-a-Thane coatings have some of the lowest perm ratings of publish literature on a fluid applied material. Essentially, SureCoat Roof Systems and SureCoat Wall Systems provide a waterproof membrane to the surface applied to.

SureCoat Roof and Wall Systems have unlimited abilities in this age of “Green Building”, “Energy Savings” and “White Roofing” to save on energy costs and mitigate the replacement of existing building materials that might other wise end up in land fills.


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