Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Academy RoofingIs your home so cold on the inside that your kids walk around looking like Randy from the movie Christmas Story?

The problem could be from not having enough insulation in your attic.


Academy Roofing continues to see over and over attics that are under insulated causing heating and cooling bills to rise. As a result, we are now adding attic insulation to our list of services to help make homes more efficient.


Here a few services we can perform in your attic.


  • Extract existing insulation – If squirrels have been a problem in the attic or if insulation gets wet, removing it completely is the best option.
  • Disinfecting the attic – If pests are an issue, Academy can disinfect the area(s) to provide a clean surface area for new insulation.
  • Install new insulation – Academy can easily add insulation to existing attics with our blowers.



What are the Recommended Levels of Insulation?

Here is the latest map and chart from the Department of Energy.

Insulation Recommendations


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